Yoga & Thai Bodywork

An infusion of Chinese Acupressure and Yogic philosophy

Bodywork therapy is a process by which the practitioner uses her fingers, hands, elbows, feet, etc.; in essence, their entire body to stretch and massage a person’s body. Often called ‘lazy man’s yoga, Thai Yoga Bodywork is an interactive hands on therapy developed in Thailand many centuries ago.  It combines and emphasizes alignment principles, acupressure, therapeutic stretching, joint mobilization, rhythmic rocking, energy balancing and assisted hatha yoga positions (partnership yoga) to create a uniquely diverse and powerful healing modality. This is a deeply rejuvenating and transformational experience both for the recipient and the practitioner.  The recipient lays back, relax and do nothing at all.  This modality is done on a futon mat on the floor wearing loose comfortable clothing.  A 130mins Deluxe Session gives the full experience of the wonders of this modality with warm towels to the feet and aromatherapy.  Never had a Thai Session! Then our quick 60mins intro session will let you have a taste and come back for more!

$95 / 60mins; $135 / 90mins; $180 / 120mins Deluxe

The Ultimate Stretching Experience!
Assisted Yoga Poses administered by the therapist with the goal of giving you the stretching experience you could not give yourself. Opens up the hip and lower back areas, where one is especially challenged due to negative life style habits or for athletes who tend to push their bodies to extreme limits.

$45 / 30mins


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