Thai Partner Yoga Workshops

Thai Partner Yoga Workshop is an infusion of Thai Bodywork with Hatha Yoga Asanas/Poses.   This workshop is designed for anyone with minimal to advanced flexibility, as the yoga poses are very simple.  The main intention of this class is to create a deeper awareness of oneself in conjunction with your partner.   Emphasis is on BREATHING and proper POSTURE while trying to relax and being MINDFULLY PRESENT as much as possible.

Each Pose/Asana is held for a period of time, so couples can listen and feel their way into the poses.  The experience is further enhanced to another dimension, by the addition of the Bodywork Phase towards the end of the session.  The Bodywork phase allows partners to experience the joy of giving and receiving, thereby creating a bond of trust and loving kindness.  Learning to work together, while observing and respecting the strengths and limitations of yourself, as well as your partner, are some of the benefits of this workshop.

Like all Yoga sessions you will leave this class feeling RELAXED and REJUVENATED, so grab a family member, friend or significant other; Come on out, share, and bask in the wonder of this experience!


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